A day spent with legendary photographer Mick Rock

Well this was cool. Today I got to spend the day shooting legendary rock photographer Mick Rock. What a thrill to be capturing images of the man that created some of the most iconic and meaningful images of my life. From Bowie, to Iggy, to Lou Reed, to Blondie, to Queen – a huge part of my formative years was spent staring at his creations.

This was for Music Video Night, where he gave a talk at the Brooklyn Museum about the early music videos he made with David Bowie, as a part of their David Bowie Is… exhibition.

david bowie mick rock.jpg

Holy shit, Berlin pt. 2

My daily routine here is coming here to the Staatsbibliothek to write. It's a slice of 60s/70s futurist heaven. I'm sadly not allowed to take pictures, so I'll leave this clip instead.

Holy shit, Berlin pt. 1

Saw an incredible light/sound installation in an old power plant in Mitte. Artists Christopher Bauder and Kangding Ray blew my mind (and eardrums). 

Avocado Super Bowl contest

Worked with the fantastic BFD Productions on this one. Kemp Baldwin directed. Me: camera and edit. These girls were rad.

Next stop: Graphics Animator for Blumhouse feature film!

I'm not allowed to say much about the project, but I've been brought on to do all the graphics animation for an upcoming thriller for Blumhouse Productions (Get Out, Whiplash, The Purge). Will post more once I won't get my hands chopped off for doing so.

Help keep Birth Control copay-free for all women!

Working with the Women's Equality Center, I am fortunate to working on their campaign to #keepBCfree. The Trump administration has announced plans to rollback Obama-era rules mandating that all women should receive birth control copay-free as part of their insurance plans. Here is a video, directed by my friend and frequent collaborator, Kemp Baldwin, voiced by the incredible SNL talents Ana Gasteyer, Cecily Strong, and Sasheer Zamata. And please – write your senators and member of congress!

White Walls world premieres at Hot Docs in Toronto!

Couldn't be more excited. After 6 years of work, we finally finished the film I co-directed with graffitimundo co-founder, Jonny Robson. So. Damn. Stoked. We play three nights on the big screen at the TIFF Theater!




Filming in Uganda for NGO Pilgrim Africa

What an experience. Africa. A land I've dreamed about seeing since I ever dreamed about going anywhere. See I grew up on my dad's stories from when he was a teacher there in the late 70s. And not only was I heading to Africa, but would be shooting for an incredible organization that is at the forefront of malaria eradication.

We filmed for 11 days, mostly in the rural bush district of Katakwi. Katakwi has more cases of malaria transmission than anywhere else in the world. The disease is at the core of this part of the world's struggle to develop economically. We were so fortunate to live and follow the story of one incredibly smart young woman, Rebecca Malinga, filming her at her home and school. Check out Rebecca's story...

Source: https://vimeo.com/201204155